Finance Department Goals

  • Audit Services: Prepare RFP and recommend service provider and agreement terms for Fiscal Year Ends 2018, 2019 and 2020.

  • Food & Beverage Tax: Monitor communication needs with business community, collection and reporting procedures related to Food & Beverage Tax.

  • Contract Management: Assume responsibility for overseeing compliance with purchasing policies and Lincolnshire’s purchasing practices. More specific, promote good practices related to contract execution, bid notification and awards, secure proper Certificates of Insurance, Record Retention, Acceptance of goods & services, Review contracts and recommending changes. 

  • Debt Restructure/ Refinance: Research refunding SSA Sedgebrook Bonds. 

  • Review Options and Impacts of Capital Improvement Financing: Research and present report to Village Board on long term financing options for Water/ Sewer Capital projects and assist as needed with issuance.

  • Investments: Research and report on alternative investment options.

  • Newsletter and Social Media: Increase social media presence with Finance related items.

  • Train New Hires: Provide support and appropriate training in the event of retirement/ replacement of Administrative Assistants.