Lincolnshire Creek Drainage Improvement Project

3/11/19 Project Update – Construction activities started last week with installation of temporary access roads on Riverwoods Road and Coventry Lane. These access roads will be removed and the disturbed areas will be fully restored once the project is complete. Tree removal is expected to start this week and last approximately 3-4 days. Once tree removal is complete, the contractor will mobilize equipment necessary to re-grade and stabilize the creek banks. The re-grading and stabilization will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, dependent on weather.

Project Summary – During prolonged rain events, the Village experiences flooding and severe erosion along Lincolnshire Creek where it discharges into a short section of 42” pipe, which outlets into an open channel before draining into another 42” pipe. Due to the number of 90 degree bends and vegetation throughout the area, it is very difficult to maintain an open flow through this area. Public Works staff has installed multiple temporary fixes over the years to address the collection of debris and erosion. The project will include the construction of improvements to allow the existing channel to maintain its flow during peak events while reducing excess debris which leads to erosion issues at the culvert ends. The majority of the drainage channel that carries water from Riverwoods Road to the Village’s storm sewer is on private property. The erosion of soil and vegetation from this private property area is a significant cause of system overflow issues and source of maintenance issues for public works staff during intense and prolonged rain events. CLICK HERE for a map showing the improvements.